Artist Bio:

James Greco is a New York-based artist with a multi-disciplinary approach to his art practice, which encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, site-specific time-based work, collage, and drawing. His work is designed to be viewed not only as a singular object but orchestrational arranged – to express a
poetic personal narrative. His use of gesture, image, and material exploration has developed into a body of work that is influenced by his own experience with life, death, love, beauty, decay, violence, and destruction.

His work is comprised of a wide range of materials including but not limited to traditional oil paint, epoxy resin, latex paint, deconstructed fabric, metal, cement, wood, cardboard, light fixtures, and plastic. Despite using such a diverse range of mediums, James has created a cohesive body of work that relates
uniquely to each other through his respect of art history, a personal approach to creating as a devout practice of self-expression and with a visual vocabulary that is present in each work regardless of its level of abstraction or dreamlike realism.

James Greco’s work is collected across Europe and the United States. He has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions. He has participated in the residency program at CillRialaig Arts Center in Ireland and was a recipient of the Penny McCall Foundation Grant.