Private Public Gallery Presents: Deborah Dancy’s “Shift”
JUNE 8th Opening, 3 pm to 6 pm.

Show runs until July 14, 2024

Wander 2024 Oil on canvas 50 x 56

Wander 2024 Oil on canvas 50 x 56

April went off with a last shake,
wind and petal showers, May came in
already fat on colors: violet
lilac and the splash of trees
trying on their summer dresses,
crab apple pink fanfare,
dogwood blossoms bruised white at the edge.
Some of the Things I’ve Seen
Sara Berkeley
There is something tender about the temporal in Sara Berkeley’s poem Bird Room that I immediately felt a kinship with. I like to think this essence operates in my work. When making paintings, I seem to operate simultaneously on two levels: responding on a sensorial level while working to make it succeed on a formal level.


I’m naturally predisposed to respond the world emotionally. It’s what I draw from to make my first mark on the canvas. There is always some degree of pleasure in the struggle that comes with painting to make perfect sense and yet resist logic. My environment, the cyclical connections with my garden, emotional reflections, memories, and the passage of time creates openings for experiences to enter paintings. Struggle is always there, of course, working its way into the process of discovering how to make the work both be and feel. It’s the one constant.
Deborah Dancy

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Private Public Presents: Chad Weckler’s Creative Exposure / Portraits of Hudson, NY

On Saturday, April 20th, between 2-5 pm, please join Private Public Gallery for an exhibition of photographs by Chad Weckler, along with the launch of his recently published book, “Creative Exposure / Portraits of Hudson, New York.”

Weckler has installed 107 photographs of individuals who have made a creative impact on the City of Hudson, N.Y., all of which were shot during the years 2022 and 2023.

Weckler’s project is a timely documentation of a thriving arts community in Upstate New York. Hudson is a small city with a population of less than 6,000 people and is home to a myriad of creative individuals who work within the performing, musical, literary, and visual arts. Many of them are pioneers, drawn to Hudson before its rise to prominence, and are, in large part, the backbone and vibrancy of the community.

This project has been generously supported by a grant from the Martha Boschen Porter Fund, the New York State Council on the Arts, The Spark of Hudson in partnership with the Eutopia Foundation, a grant from The Bank of Greene County Charitable Foundation, and is supported by a grant from the Galvan Foundation.

The project will be exhibited in Hudson at the Private Public Gallery from April 20th to May 4th, 2024.

Creative-Exposure/Hudson is a one year project that started August 12, 2022 to photograph 100+ individuals who have made a creative impact on the City of Hudson, NY.

Creative-Exposure/Hudson is a one year project that started August 12, 2022 to photograph 100+ individuals who have made a creative impact on the City of Hudson, NY.


Opening December 9, 2023, closing January 13th.

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howard schwarzberg


“THE WEIGHT OF PAINTING,” Paintings by Howard Schwartzberg.

September 30th – November 5th, 2023

Featured Art.

James Autery
Private Public Gallery Presents,

“Sight Unseen” A Film Experience by James Autery.

Donna Dennis
“Ship/Dock/Three Houses and the Night Sky” a gallery-filling installation. Also in April, Monacelli Press issues full career monograph – “Donna Dennis: Poet in Three Dimensions”
April 22nd – extended to June 11th, 2023

Featured Work

George Lawson
“Snowman: Recent Paintings”
March 4th – April 8th, 2023
Featured Work

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January 28, through February 26, 2023
Stephen Maine
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“The Spirit of the Thing”
September 3, through November 20, 2022
Featured Artist 
Frank Holiday
Featured work

Suspended Skeletal Painting (forest green) Canvas, Paint, Wood, Hydrocal , Foam, Staples, and Tacks 80 x 46 x 9.5 in (203.2 x 116.84 x 24.13 cm)

“Before Painting”
June 4, through July 10, 2022
Featured Artist 
Howard Schwartzberg

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April 9, through May 22, 2022
Featured Artist 
Kathryn Lynch
Featured work

February 26, through April 3, 2022
Featured Artists 
Charles Goldman
Frank Holiday
Zachary Keeting
Athena LaTocha
Eric Wolf

“I Remember… Remember?”
December 18, 2021, through February 23, 2022
Featured Artists 
Sarah Conrad-Ferm
James Greco
Joel Longenecker
Todd B Richmond
Michael Rodriguez
Alexander Ross
Howard Schwartzberg